Which Intel® Data Center Drives Support Multiple Namespaces?

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Do all Intel® Data Center Drives support multiple namespaces?


Intel® SSD Data Center Drives

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The only drive models that support multiple namespaces are the Intel® SSD DC P4510 Series and the Intel® SSD DC P4610 Series, after firmware update VDV10152 (MR5 firmware update). Other models do not support multiple namespaces. For latest firmware of this and all other SSD models, see Firmware Versions for Intel® Solid State Drives and Intel® Optane™ Memory.


Only non-Opal* SKUs of Intel® SSD DC P4510 Series and Intel® SSD DC P4610 Series support multiple namespaces. Check the Opal SKUs here: Intel® SSDs with TCG* Opal 2.0 Support

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