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Processor Turns On for a Few Minutes Then Turns Off


All Intel Desktop Boxed processors


Tips on how to resolve processor not booting completely.


The installed processor is turning on after power up, then turns off.


This could happen for many reasons. One is that the system is overheating (possibly a failure on the cooling solution). The processor will then protect itself from damage by a shutdown.

It can also happen for other reasons.

Tips to help resolve this issue:

  • Boot using the minimum number of components. For example, you might use one memory module and the processor. if you have a processor that has "F" in their line suffix, then a video card is needed to boot.
  • Try the processor in a different board, and try another working processor using the same board that exhibited the failure. More info on how to do swapping can be found in How to Troubleshoot an Issue by Swapping Between Two Processors.
  • Follow the troubleshooting tips for overheating, such as undusting the fan, checking fan operation , checking thermal solutions including TIM, and loading the default settings for the BIOS. For more guidance, see Overheating Symptoms and Troubleshooting for Intel® Boxed Processors

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