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Windows® 10 Update Fails Due to Insufficient Space on eMMC Memory [32 GB]


Storage: 2.5" HDD/SSD

Windows® 10 family


This article provides steps to transfer Windows 10 Operating system from eMMC to SSD/HDD


Windows® 10 updates and patches are not getting installed on Intel® NUC Kits that have been bundled with 32 GB eMMC due to insufficient space.


To resolve this problem, you will need to clone Windows 10 eMMC data to a SSD/HDD using Macrium* software

  1. Download Macrium software
  2. Launch Macrium software and select Disk which needs to cloned(eMMC)
  3. Select "Clone this disk"
  4. In the wizard that opens Click "Select a disk to clone to…" option.
  5. Choose the 2.5" SSD/HDD
  6. Review Settings/Partitions and click Finish

Check for Cloning status:-

  1. Reboot NUC, Press F2 to Enter BIOS
  2. Disable eMMC in BIOS
  3. Select SSD/HDD as Primary Boot device

If the NUC boots with SSD/HDD Operating system image, You have successfully Cloned the Windows 10 image.

Ensure to delete/format Partition from eMMC memory

Additional information

Once the direct disk cloning process is completed, there will be 2 instances of Windows® 10 operating system. The Windows 10 image from eMMC has to be removed manually by formatting the eMMC storage.

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