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How to Configure BMC When the Dedicated BMC Management Port Is Grayed Out


Intel® Server Board S1200SPS

OS Independent


How to configure BMC trough the embedded ports and without the need to use the dedicated BMC port


Unable to configure the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) access, the dedicated BMC management port appears grayed out, and only the BMC LAN port is enable to configure.


BMC dedicated management port is grayed out because the serverboard does not have this specific port. However, the two NICs included on the serverboard can be used to set up BMC and receive regular data at the same time.

Steps to configure BMC:

  1. Power on the system and access the BIOS (F2 during POST).
  2. Go to menu Server Management
  3. Select BMC LAN configuration.
  4. Under Baseboard LAN configuration, set IP Source to Static and then enter the desired IP address.

    This is the address to be used from the browser at the client computer.

  5. Set the Subnet mask to default value of , Gateway IP can be left blank.
  6. Scroll down to User ID and select the desired value; in this case Root. This will be the user name to be entered at the web console from the client computer.
  7. Set Privilege to Administrator. Set Status to Enabled.
  8. Enter the desired password twice for confirmation. Password is case-sensitive and accepts special characters for maximum security.
  9. Save BIOS changes and exit (F10).

From the client computer, open a browser and enter the static IP address set at step 4. The BMC web console will launch and request user ID and password, to allow monitoring of the system and basic remote control.