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System Fans Running Full Speed Even after a Firmware Update on Intel® Server Board


Intel® Server Chassis P4304XXMUXX, Intel® Server Chassis P4000XXSFDR


Troubleshooting steps to perform when system fans run fast


Fans going to full speed even after updating the BIOS, BMC, FRUSDR.

  1. Confirm if the memory RAM being used has been validated and that it meets all the requirements for the Intel® Server Boards.
  2. Ensure the chassis cover is properly set.
  3. Remove all fans from the chassis, and then plug them back in.
  4. Run the firmware update package with both power supplies installed (when two units are installed), in case the power supply fans are being affected as well.
  5. Ensure that the CPU fan connector and the system fan connector have been properly set on their corresponding headers.
    NoteVerify this information in the Fan Headers section on the Self-Help Collection of Technical Product Specifications for Intel® Server Products of the Intel® Server Boards.
  6. Perform CMOS Clear / BIOS default using jumper (check the Technical Product Specification if the board in concern).
  7. Replace the power supplies for another known good working set.
  8. Re-apply the field replaceable unit (FRU) and sensor data record (SDR) firmware separately (Try using a previous released version if the current one doesn't work).
Additional information

Possible cause: Fans connected into the CPU_FAN instead of the SYS_FAN plug.