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Computer Randomly Reboots or Shuts Down


Systems built with Intel® Boxed Processors

Windows® 10 family


Troubleshooting for random reboot or shutdown issuess on a systems built with Intel® Boxed Desktop Processors


My computer reboots or shuts down at random.


If the system is randomly rebooting, try to exclude any hardware issues. Start with a power supply, one DRAM (depending on the motherboard configurations), and connect to a monitor. Note that some processors require a video card. Load the default BIOS setting in your system.

The following tips may help in resolving the issue.

If the system is rebooting randomly.

  • Check if the PSU (power supply unit) has enough wattage for the whole platform under heavy load.
  • Test DRAM:
    • You can run the Windows Memory Diagnostic, OR
    • You can run available memory diagnostic tests (such as MemTest86).
    • Try to swap the DRAM with a good-known working DRAM.

If the system is shutting down randomly, follow the guidance on overheating symptoms and troubleshooting to exclude any overheating issues.

You may check Windows* event log to see if any issues were reported.

If a blue screen error happened, refer to Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Errors While Using Intel® Processors.

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