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Where to find China RoHS documentation for Intel® Processors?


Intel® Processors


Information on where to find China RoHS documentation for Intel® Processors.


Cannot find the China RoHS documentation for an Intel® Processor


If an Intel® processor is Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant, the China RoHS Declaration document is located within the processor's Material Declaration Data Sheet (MDDS) document.  

To obtain a copy of the China RoHS Declaration document, follow these step:

  1. Go to Intel's Product Specifications website
  2. Search this website for the processor's Product Specifications page
  3. In the left side of the page, click Ordering and Compliance
  4. Scroll down to the PCN/MDDS Information section
  5. Depending on the Spec Code or MM Number you are interested in, click its MDDS link
    Note:  If multiple Spec Codes or MM Numbers are listed, the tray processor is usually the lower or smaller number.  While Boxed Intel® processors have a higher or larger number.
  6. Click on the MDDS link will open up the Intel® Quality Document Management System (QDMS) website's Search MDDS Database page. The MM Number will be prepopulated.
  7. Click the Search button
  8. In the Search Results table, check the ROHS Compliant column to see if the value is Yes
  9. If value is Yes, the processor is RoHS compliant and a copy of the China RoHS Declaration can obtained by using these steps:
    1. In Step 8's table, click the hyperlinked number in the Package Number column to open its MDDS document in a PDF file format
    2. Using your PDF viewer application, view the list of attachments that are within the MDDS PDF document. The China RoHS PDF document will be listed and can be opened.


NoteIntel does not provide MDDS documentation pre-release products and engineering samples. MDDS documents may no longer be available for retired and older discontinued products.

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