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What Are the Voltage Requirements for Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS13X and BXTS15A?


Intel® Core™ i7-6700K Processor


Information on Intel® Boxed Desktop Thermal Solutions


For Fan/Thermal solution compatible for Intel® Core™ i7-6700K Processor, what's the required voltage for Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS13X and Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS15A? Also, what are the specification of Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS13X and Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS15A?


The Voltage requirement is the same as Intel standard thermal solution, 12 V ±5 percent V.

Features of Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS13X:

  • 120mm x 25mm fan
  • Supports 140 W processors
  • Supports the LGA1366, LGA115X, and LGA2011 sockets
  • Low-profile pump
  • Blue LED lighting with ON / OFF switch
  • 3 year limited warranty

Features of Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS15A:

  • Supports 130 W processors
  • Supports the LGA 1151/1156/1150
  • Compatible with Intel 4th Gen processors 
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Fan speeds: 1000 – 3850 (4 wire PWM)
  • Dimensions: 94mm die – 90mm height
  • Unite noise level:
    • 25 dBA @2100 RPM
    • 40 dBA @3850 RPM
  • Total Thermal solution weight: 435g
  • Thermal interface material: DOW Corning TC-5630
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Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS13A, voltage requirements for Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS15A

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Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS15A

Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS13A

Intel® Thermal Solution BXTS13X

Motherboard Form Factors: Information is provided to help in the design and development of related motherboard form factor compliant computer systems. Some of the information is considered legacy and provided for form factor reference.

System fan speeds are controlled through pulse width modulation (PWM) signals, which are driven separately for each domain by integrated PWM hardware. Fan speed is changed by adjusting the duty cycle, which is the percentage of time the signal is driven high in each pulse.
The BMC controls the average duty cycle of each PWM signal through direct.


BIOS Options:

There are multiple options in the BIOS.

Set Fan Profile:  This option is used to set the desired Fan Profile. Available settings include:

  • Acoustic - offers the best acoustic experience and appropriate cooling capability supporting the majority of the add-in cards used
  • Performance - designed to provide sufficient cooling capability covering all kinds of add-in cards on the market

Fan PWM Offset: This option is reserved for manual adjustment to the minimum fan speed curves. The valid range is from [0 to100] which stands for 0 Percent to 100 Percent PWM adding to the minimum fan speed.

  • This feature is valid when Quiet Fan Idle Mode is at Enabled state. The default setting is [0].

Quiet Fan Idle Mode: This feature can be: 

  • Enabled - fans will either shift to a lower speed or stop when the aggregate sensor temperatures are satisfied, indicating the system is at ideal thermal/light loading conditions.
    • When the aggregate sensor temperatures are not satisfied, the fans will shift back to normal control curves.
  • Disabled - fans will never shift into lower fan speeds or stop, regardless of whether the aggregate sensor temperatures are satisfied or not.
    • The default setting is Disabled.