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How to Troubleshoot Intel® Core-X Processor Issues


Intel® Core-x Processors 


Offers troubleshooting steps for Intel® Core-X Processor issues.


Repeated processor breakdown. The processor runs with the stock motherboard setup (no overclocking, no tweaking of any kind) and the machine is mostly used for processor-intensive video rendering, or generic operations. 


Consider the steps below to troubleshoot Intel® Core-X Processor issues:

  • Use memory that is recommended for this processor. Go to the product specification page (ARK). After after entering your processor number in the search box, check Memory Specifications.
  • Load the default settings for the BIOS or update to the latest BIOS.
  • Ensure thermal solution is within the specification of the processor/system if your system is overheating. Find the Thermal Design Power (TDP) in the processor’s specification page under Performance.
  • If you are using third-party tools to measure the temperature, watch for the temperature exceeding the max temperature. Find the max temperature T Junction in the processor’s specification page under Package Specifications.
  • Try a different power supply:
    • A bad power supply could also cause the processor to become faulty. Change the power supply before installing another processor in the system.
    • A non-stable UPS (uninterruptible power supply) could be causing problems

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