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Users Experiencing Eye Strain with Intel® Integrated Graphics


Issues have been reported with Intel® HD Graphics 3000 up to 7th Generation Intel Graphics devices.

Windows 7 family*, Windows 8.1 family*, Windows® 10 family


This article regards eye strain when using Intel Graphics.


Experiencing mild to severe eye strain when using screens connected to Intel® Integrated Graphics.

  • Intel has completed extensive and thorough testing of this issue. Intel has sought external testing to ensure various circumstances have not been overlooked and to ensure unbiased results.
  • Intel has worked with individual customers, testing the actual platforms reported with the specific drivers users claiming to be causing the issue.
  • Intel has sent the hardware and the drivers with & without perceived issues (version 2476 & 3347 respectively) to a 3rd party test lab [TUV Rheinland] that conducts eye comfort certification on visual displays. TUV tested various factors such as luminance, color, flicker, and blue light. TUV’s test results concluded no measurable difference between the drivers on neither internal nor external displays.
  • Without measurable differences between the drivers, there is no objective way to resolve the issue.

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