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Intel AMT login error message "User name was not recognized"


Intel® 6th Generation Core processor based systems. Intel® Management Engine (Intel® ME) Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Intel® AMT firmware version does not end in 22.3xxx.  


A firmware update may fix this issue that is generally seen on Intel® 6th Generation Core processor based systems.


Getting error message, but I can login when I remove and reconnect power cord (reboot does not work).


When logging in via the Web UI, Manageability Commander, or Mesh Commander users may receive an error message stating the user name was not recognized.

This is generally seen on Intel® 6th Generation Core processor based systems.


  • To fix this, update to a firmware version ending in .3xxx or higher. 
  • Firmware updates are only available from system/motherboard manufacturers.
Additional information

An issue was discovered that prevented login when a system was powered on for more than 30 days straight. The issue prevented login using the Digest admin username and password. Unplugging the power from the system would temporarily allow login, but the problem would come back in another 30 days.

This problem has been nicknamed the 'Skylake' digest admin bug since it is only seen on 6th Generation Core based systems (code name Skylake).

Updating the firmware via a BIOS update or direct firmware update (if available from the manufacturer) to a firmware version that ends in .3xxx (example, or will solve the problem. 

This firmware update will also protect from the SA-00075 vulnerability issue.


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