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How to Rebuild a degraded RAID


Intel® RAID Controller RS25DB080

OS Independent


Steps to rebuild a RAID array using Intel® RAID Web Console 2


A physical drive is showing as failed in the array.


From within the Intel® RAID Web Console 2 (RWC2), proceed as follows:

  1. Right-click the faulty hard drive and click Locate disk.
  2. Once the disk is identified, right-click it once again and mark it with the Prepare for removal option.
  3. If a hot-swappable backplane is being used, remove the disk that was previously identified. The system does not need to be turned off.
  4. If the server system does not have a hot-swappable backplane, proceed as follows:
    1. Identify the disk while the system is running.
    2. Turn the system off.
    3. Replace the drive.
    4. Turn the system back on.

It should automatically pick the new drive and use it for the degraded array. If it does not happen, mark the disk as Unconfigured Good. If it is already set as Unconfigured Good, right-click it and select Make Drive Online. Then it will go online.


The failed drive should be replaced with an identical drive of the same capacity or larger.

If the problem persists after replacing the drive, try replacing the cable that connects the hard drive.


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