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How to Get Product Change Notification (PCN) and Material Declaration Data Sheet (MDDS) Documentation on Intel® Products


Steps on how to search and download PCN and MDDS documents


Unable to obtain the information of the PCN and MDDS


Intel provides specific information for all our products and is it visible in our website under Product Change Notifications (PCN) and Material Declaration Data Sheet (MDDS). To know where to find it for each product, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the product specification page (ARK).
  2. Search or Navigate and then select your product to view the specifications page.
  3. On the product's specifications page, look at the left side bar and select Ordering and Compliance.
  4. Scroll down the page to find PCN/MDDS information and click each one.
  5. The list of available documents will be listed in the Document Summary table of the QDMS Search PCN Database page.
    • If the document you are looking for is not listed, it means the document is not available or may be under reviewing process. Check back regularly or consider signing up to receive PCN notifications.

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