Warranty Information and RMA Process for Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory


Warranty & RMA



You don't need to register your Intel® Optane™ persistent memory to obtain return material authorization (RMA).

Follow the instructions below to begin the warranty and RMA process.

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Check if your Intel® Optane™ persistent memory is still under warranty
  • Go to the Warranty Information page.
  • Under Product Type, select Memory and Storage.
  • Enter the unique serial number as listed on the label.
  • Click the Check Products.
  • If your product is covered under warranty, click the Request support for selected product to start the RMA process.
Provide the following information to request warranty See label and collect following information about your Intel® Optane™ persistent memory:
  • Serial Number
  • Module Capacity
  • Work Order Number
  • Product Name
  • Part Number
  • PBA Number
Additional helpful information for the warranty request:
  • Proof-of-purchase
  • Description of the symptoms or problem
  • Troubleshooting steps you've taken
After collecting above information, proceed to Warranty Information to complete the request.

Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory label

Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory label

After submitting your RMA request When you submit your request, a customer service agent will verify if your Intel® Optane™ persistent memory is eligible for a return material authorization (RMA) replacement. For eligible products, the agent creates an RMA request for you and includes the RMA number in a system-generated email message. The email includes shipping instructions for returning failing module.

For RMA request, read the shipping instructions thoroughly for where to ship your Intel® Optane™ persistent memory.

  • Before shipping Intel® Optane™ persistent memory:

    It's considered normal operation procedure to back up Intel® Optane™ persistent memory. Running in App Direct Mode and Mixed Mode, back up and erase before shipping the module
    Note It's customer prerogative in erasing contents before shipping. The sent module will not be returned to the customer.
  • Return failing module with label attached.


Intel® Optane™ persistent memory has a five-year limited warranty.
Select language to view the limited warranty terms and conditions.

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