Known Issues with Intel® Graphics Command Center (Intel® GCC)


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Latest build available in Microsoft* Store: 1.100.2285.0

Known Issues:


  • Windows will flash back after clicking "Performance" and un-installing Intel driver.
  • When using a Type C-to-HDMI dongle, system may experience Black Screen of Death (BSOD)/System restart.
  • System may BSOD/System restart when connecting  a dongle with HDMI port.
  • Log file expands to 2MB and 20k lines within a very short amount of time.
  • Icon corruption may occur on learn icon across app.
  • When Microsoft Display Adapter is the only driver on system, selecting preferences will crash the application.


  • When auto-detect is used, pop-up window will sometimes be a rectangle or a square.


  • Changing video options does not change picture in video preview on 6th generation processors.
  • "Lock" icon overlapped with video profile name.


  • Resolutions below 800x600 are listing (unsupported resolutions).
  • Delete button is not displaying for custom resolution.
  • Display rotation cannot change to Portrait/Portrait (flipped) when set resolution as 3840x2160 on Mirror mode.
  • Unable to enable Combined Desktop mode in hybrid graphics configuration.
  • The system will hang after adjusting the second monitor's refresh rate when connecting 2 external monitors as Daisy Chain.
  • Display gets disabled efter enabling Combined Desktop.
  • Combined Desktop mode resolutions include single display resolutions. Selecting one, turns all monitors to clone mode.
  • Changing options relating to Combined Desktop mode causes the Combined Desktop toggle to disappear.
  • Clipping of the text in "Combined Desktop" mode.


  • Operating system version is reflecting under graphics driver version.
  • After rebooting system, Display Power Saving Technology (DPST) Power Efficiency slider for both plans gets set to the "On Battery" plan's value.
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