Known Issues with Intel® Graphics Command Center (Intel® GCC)


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Latest build available in Microsoft* Store: 1.100.2970.0

Known Issues:


  • System boot performance is slow due to IGCCTray.exe.
  • Discrete graphics card stays on after opening the Intel® Graphics Command Center.
  • Intel® Graphics Command Center hangs after toggling the System Tray icon to “On”. The Intel Graphics Command Center tray icon may also not appear.
  • The Learn icon text for Hotkeys is cut off.
  • If the Intel® integrated graphics driver is not up to date, the Intel Iris Xe MAX driver is also shown as outdated. 
  • Report a Bug or Issue fails to submit the report when selecting “No” for the “Do you want us to contact you?”


  • Adaptive Tessellation is setting the same value for integrated and discrete graphics.
  • Delays might occur when switching between game profiles.
  • The Game Profile scroll bar will move back and forth after creating the maximum amount of Game Profiles.
  • Using Auto Detect while offline fails to detect games.
  • When changing active game profiles, the Active icon is shown on two profiles concurrently.
  • Intel® optimized profile fails to apply for Rocket League.*
  • Localized Adaptive Contract Enhancement (LACE) disabled by default on initial app load after system restart.


  • Video custom profile cannot be duplicated.


  • The Custom Scaling preview image is blank after changing Scale from Centered to Custom when using a 4K display. 
  • Custom Resolution warning message is not translated to Korean.
  • After changing Scale to Stretched, Centered, or Maintain Aspect Ratio, an error message appears stating “Something went wrong applying settings. Please try again.”
  • Connected Display Preview constantly refreshing after changing Scale to Stretched, Centered, or Maintain Aspect Ratio.
  • Red color corruption is observed after connecting Miracast.*
  • Collage Mode does not persist after setting system to hibernate.
  • Scale changes after selecting “No” to decline the change.
  • External monitor changes to Maintain Aspect Ratio when changing the resolution.
  • Restore to Original Colors is not working.
  • In the Connected Display preview window, the Intel® logo and the 3-dot menu image on the display/monitor tiles may get cut off.
  • Extending from Clone Mode can cause display/monitor tiles in the Connected Displays preview window to stack in top left corner.
  • Corruption may be seen in display/monitor tile area in the Connected Displays preview window.
  • Some systems may not be able to set refresh rate to 59i.


  • Display power saving technology resets on reboot.
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