Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® Security Advisory SA-00189


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On March 12, 2019, Intel publicly disclosed multiple potential security vulnerabilities in Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® that may allow escalation of privileges, denial of service, or information disclosure.

Intel has released updates to Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® to mitigate these potential vulnerabilities. These updates have already been provided to system manufacturers, most of which have distributed the update either directly to their end users or through the automated Windows® Update process. Intel follows a disclosure practice called Coordinated Disclosure, under which a cybersecurity vulnerability is generally disclosed publicly only after mitigations are deployed. This is standard practice for the technology industry.

Affected Products:

Customers with Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® versions prior to:

  • 10.18.x.5059 (AKA 15.33.x.5059)
  • 10.18.x.5057 (AKA 15.36.x.5057)
  • 20.19.x.5063 (AKA 15.40.x.5063)
  • 21.20.x.5064 (AKA 15.45.x.5064)
  • (Note: 25.xx.xx.xx isn't affected)

Intel recommends updating the Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® update to the most current versions as listed above. To determine if your system is running the most current version please follow these steps.

If you determine that your system is not running the most current version, please contact your system manufacturer directly to determine if an updated driver is available. Intel recommends that end users install the driver updates provided by their system manufacturer/ provider or via the Windows® Update tool to eliminate the potential impact caused by loading non-customized drivers. System manufacturers regularly customize Intel generic drivers to meet the needs of their specific system design. Intel doesn't recommend using the Intel generic driver update if you are running a customized driver. As a result, you won't be able to download the generic Graphics driver via the Intel Driver & Support Assistant tool or Intel Download Center.

If you aren't running a customized driver, you can update to the generic Intel Graphics Drive for Windows through the Intel Driver & Support Assistant tool or the Intel Download Center.

Further technical details of the vulnerabilities can be found in the Intel Security Center, INTEL-SA-00189.

For further assistance, contact Intel Customer Support.

General Questions & Answers:

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What systems are impacted by the vulnerabilities listed in INTEL-SA-00189? Systems with Intel Processor Graphics running Windows* will require driver updates to mitigate the vulnerabilities published in INTEL-SA-00189.
Is the Intel® Graphics Driver for Linux affected by these vulnerabilities?These vulnerabilities don't impact The Intel® Graphics Driver for Linux.
Has there been any exploitation of these vulnerabilities on systems in the field? Intel isn't aware of any exploitation of these vulnerabilities.