TA-1143: Invocation of the ipmitool from the Remote System Requires Extra Parameters to Connect to Intel® Server Systems





What am I seeing?

Beginning with BMC firmware version 1.90, invocation of the ipmitool from a remote system requires the following extra parameter: -C 17. This parameter is required due to the BMC disabling Cipher Suite 3 by default, leaving only Cipher Suite 17 enabled by default.

Note Unrelated to this change, it has been observed in networks with high traffic loads that ipmitool commands may trigger a default timeout setting (1 second). Intel recommends that if you experience timeouts to also add the -N 5 parameter (setting the timeout to 5 seconds) to the required -C 17.

With both required and recommended additions to the remote ipmitool invocation, the command-line syntax is as follows (type on a single command line):

# ipmitool –I lanplus –H ip.ad.dr.ess –U user –P password –C 17 –N 5 command <options>

Refer to the PDF for more details on root cause and workaround.

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Invocation of the ipmitool from the remote system requires extra parameters to connect to Intel® Server Systems that have BMC firmware v1.90 or later installed.

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Date: June 2020

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Intel® Server's Integrated Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) can be accessed by standard, off-the-shelf terminal, open-sourced, or terminal emulator utilities. One example is the IPMIUtility that allows access to sensor status information and power control. Customers own the risk of using open-source utilities. Intel has no control on these utilities and cannot guarantee any fix with these utilities.


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