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How do I Make JBOD Drives as "Unconfigured Good" in my 6Gb/s Intel® RAID Adapter / Intel® RAID Module?


Applies to all 6Gb/s Intel® RAID Adapters and Intel® RAID Modules Includes: Intel® Integrated Server RAID Module AXXRMS2AF080


Change drives in JBOD (passthrough) mode to Unconfigured Good mode so that they can be used in a RAID array.


The newly installed/replaced drives are recognized by the Intel® RAID Controller as JBOD (just a bunch of disks) and cannot be either included into a new RAID array or used to rebuild an existing RAID array.



To use the the newly installed drives in a RAID array, you need to change them to Unconfigured Good from JBOD:

  1. Press Ctrl+G to launch the Intel® RAID BIOS console or go to Controller Selection Main Screen in Intel® RAID Controller BIOS. 
  2. Once in the Drive Menu, select the newly inserted hard drive listed as JBOD.
  3. Click on Properties, and then click Go.
  4. From the Drive Properties screen:
    1. Select the Make Unconfigure Good.
    2. Click Go.
    3. Click Next.
    4. Make sure the drives are listed as Unconfigure good in the drive menu or in the Virtual Drive window. 

After this is completed, the drives should be enabled for selection.

If there is a degraded RAID array, rebuild should start automatically. Or you can now use these Unconfigured Good drives to create a new RAID array.


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