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How to enable High Dynamic Range?


Intel® HD Graphics 620 Intel® Core™ i7-7500U Processor

Windows® 10, 64-bit*


How to find if a system with 7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor and newer platforms can work with HDR.


Using Intel® HD Graphics 620, the HDR seems not to be working.


Information is located on the Intel® Core™ i7-7500U Processor Technical product specification.
It is necessary to check if the motherboard or laptop met the requirements, since the High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology is embedded on the integrated graphics controller (iGPU).

Section: 2.3.8 High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)

HDCP is the technology for protecting high-definition content against unauthorized copy or unreceptive between a source (computer, digital set top boxes, and so on) and the sink (panels, monitor, and TVs). The processor supports HDCP 2.2 for 4k Premium content protection over wired displays (HDMI*, DVI, and DisplayPort*).

The HDCP 2.2 keys are integrated into the processor and customers are not required to physically configure or handle the keys. HDCP2.2 for HDMI2.0 is covered by the LSPCON platform device.

Some minor difference will be between Integrated HDCP2.2 over HDMI1.4 compared to the HDCP2.2 over LSPCON in HDMI1.4 Mode. Also, LSPCON is needed for HDMI 2.0a which defines HDR over HDMI.

The HDCP 1.4 keys are integrated into the processor and customers are not required to physically configure or handle the keys.

Table 2-24. HDCP Display supported Implications Table

HDCP1.44K@60NoiHDCP10 bitLegacy Integrated for HDCP1.4
HDCP2.24K@60YesiHDCP10 bitNew Integrated for HDCP2.2
HDMI 1.4
HDCP1.44K@30NoiHDCP8 bitLegacy Integrated for HDCP1.4
HDCP2.24K@30NoLSPCON8 bitLSPCON HDCP2.2 required
HDCP2.24K@30NoiHDCP48 bitNew Integrated for HDCP2.2
HDMI 2.0HDCP2.24K@60NoLSPCON12 bit (YUV 420)LSPCON HDCP2.2 required
HDMI2.0aHDCP2.24K@60YesLSPCON12 bit (YUV 420)LSPCON HDCP2.2 required


  1. HDR - High Dynamic Range feature expands the range of both contrast and color significantly, HDR will be supported on DP and HDMI2.0a configuration only.
  2. HDCP Solutions:
    • a. iHDCP - Intel Silicon Integrated HDCP
    • b. LSPCon - 3rd Party motherboard soldered down solution
  3. BPC - Bits Per Channel.
  4. HDMI1.4 with the Integrated HDCP2.2 solution will replace the LSPCON Solution at a later time.
  5. HDCP2.2 is supported by KBL U/Y and AML Y22-Processors with integrated HDCP2.2 and by U-Processors 2+3e. HDCP2.2 is not supported by Y/U-Processors without integrated HDCP2.2.
Additional information

Here is an article that you may find helpful: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Support.

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