Troubleshooting AV Receiver Issues on Intel® NUC





If you see issues when your Intel® NUC is connected to an AV receiver, refer to the table below for troubleshooting tips and useful information.

  • We recommend you update your BIOS version and graphics driver first, to try resolving display or audio issues with AV receivers. BIOS and drivers are available on Download Center.
  • Check to see if there's an HDMI firmware update available for your Intel® NUC.
  • Check your TV and AV receiver manufacturer websites to see if there are firmware updates available for them.


What are you seeing? How to fix it.

Surround sound isn't working.

This issue can happen if the HDMI firmware on the Intel® NUC is out of date. See HDMI 2.0 Firmware update instructions.
No display when AV receiver is connected between the Intel NUC and the TV. This issue can happen if the receiver you're using doesn't support the same High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) version as is supported on the Intel NUC. For example, if the receiver supports HDCP 1.4, but the Intel NUC supports HDCP 2.2, you might not see a display. In this case, the older AV receiver won't be compatible with the Intel NUC.



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