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When Trying to Activate my Intel® Optane Memory, How Can I Fix the Error Message: No Compatible Disk?


Intel® Optane™ Memory Series


Gives steps to properly configure the Intel® Optane Memory and eliminate the error message "no compatible disk" while enabling it.


The data was all lost the first time it was activated, and now an error message "no compatible disk" appears every time I try to activate it using the Intel® Optane software. The Enable option is grayed out.


If you are having problems enabling the Intel® Optane Memory and getting the error "no compatible disk" after you have followed all the steps in the installation guide, try these steps:

  1. Check your disk management and confirm that the operating system is in GPT format (GUID partition table). To check that:
    1. Right-click the Windows* Start button (bottom left corner of screen).
    2. Select disk management.
    3. Go to the desired disk, right-click it and select Properties.
    4. Click on Volumes and see the partition type (GPT or MBR). If your drive is in MBR (master boot record), you can learn how to convert it to GPT without data loss.
  2. Make sure the Intel® Optane Memory does not have any partition. Refer to the proper steps to clean it up.
  3. You can also find for additional recommendations  to fix detection and enablement issues.
  4. Finally, access the Intel® Optane Software and try to enable the memory again.

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