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I Cannot Read fan and Power Supply Unit (PSU) Sensors Using the IPMItool


Rack Scale Design Direct Dell* C6320p


Troubleshooting steps when receiving errors while using the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) tool


Cannot read fan and PSU sensors using ipmitool:

FAN_1 | disabled | ns
FAN_2 | disabled | ns
FAN_3 | disabled | ns
FAN_4 | disabled | ns
Inlet Temp | disabled | ns
Input Current | disabled | ns
Input Voltage | disabled | ns
SC FW Status | Not Readable | ns
PSU 1 Status | Not Readable | ns
PSU 2 Status | Not Readable | ns
PSU Mismatch | Not Readable | ns
PSU Redundancy | Not Readable | ns
FW Update Status | Not Readable | ns

The System Event Log (SEL) may show the following, too:
4c | 11/17/2018 | 12:47:18 | Power Supply PSU Mismatch | Config Error: Vendor Mismatch | Asserted
4d | 11/17/2018 | 12:47:23 | Power Supply PSU Mismatch | Config Error: Vendor Mismatch | Deasserted

The integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC**) helps read the sensors.  Thus, restart this via the racadm racreset hard command.  If this does not help, proceed as follows:

1. Flash the Fan Control Board (FCB) firmware. This is located in the C6300 chassis, but it can be updated using a working iDRAC and operating system, for every node present in the specific chassis. You can find the latest firmware here**.  Installation instructions are available under the proper section at the bottom of the site and/or in the  ReleaseNote_V0318.txt file inside the package.

2. Power-drain the chassis should it be necessary via the ipmi power off / power on command.

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Contact Support with the system event logs for diagnosis and further advice.