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What is the minimum accuracy for Intel® RealSense™ D400?


Information about the absolute error (Z-accuracy) and the minimum Z-Depth of the Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D400-Series.


What is the minimum Z-accuracy that we can get with the Intel® RealSense™  cameras? We would like to have an accuracy of <1mm, with Z depth 200mm. If this is not possible, can we use more cameras to reach this goal?


The Minimum Z-Depth can be found on the datasheet, at page 60 Table 4-6. Minimum-Z Depth

The Z-Accuracy (also known as the absolute error) is specified at page 61 from the datasheet, Table 4-9. Depth Quality Specification.

(up to 2 Meters and 80 percent FOV(Field of View))
D420/ D430/D435/D435i
(up to 2 Meters and 80 percent FOV)
Z-accuracy≤ 2 percent≤2 percent

Please be aware that the accuracy will vary with distance. Also, keep in mind that the accuracy will not improve if you will use more sensors. 

An accuracy lower than 2 percent might not be possible, but you can still experiment this and see if you find a solution that works for your project.

You can also check Table 4-8. Depth Metric Illustration, page 61 from the datasheet. For this table, you can check out the RealSense Depth Quality Testing Paper which covers how to test Stereo Depth Quality and some of the key metrics for evaluating depth quality.