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How to Downgrade the Intel® Server Board Firmware Version?


Intel® Server System R1208WTTGSR



Steps to change firmware versions.


Loading a previous BIOS version in order to comply with other companies’ standards


In order to downgrade the firmware version for a motherboard, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Find the Intel® Server Board inside the chassis. In this case, it was Intel® Server Board S2600WTTR according to the Product Specifications page.
  2. From the system BIOS Main Screen, you're able to get the current revision loaded on the board. In this case, it was R01.01.0027.
  3. Go to the Intel Download Center and look for the board found on the Product Specifications page (S2600WTTR).
  4. In the Intel Download Center, you'll be able to find the last firmware revisions for the board, in this case (versions separated by a ,): R01.01.0027, R01.01.0024, R01.01.0022, R01.01.0021, R01.01.0020, R01.01.0019, R01.01.0018, R01.01.0016, R01.01.0015, 1.01.0014, 1.01.0011, 1.01.0009, 1.01.1008, 1.01.0005.
  5. In order to downgrade the version R01.01.0020, we can do it by version, which means that we need to downgrade to version R01.01.0024, then to version R01.01.0022, then to version R01.01.0021, and finally to the needed one R01.01.0020.
  6. Download version R01.01.0024 and decompress the downloaded file to a thumb drive on FAT32.
  7. In order for the downgrade to take place, we need to go ahead and use the BIOS Recovery method available in the Technical Product Specification.
  8. Look for the Reset and Recovery Jumpers section. Place the jumpers in pins 2 – 3.
  9. Go to the BIOS Recovery Jumper section and follow the instructions on how to load the firmware from the Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) Shell as displayed, which are:
    1. Turn off the system.
    2. For safety, remove the AC power cords.
    3. Remove the system top cover.
    4. Move the BIOS Recovery jumper from pins 1 - 2 (default) to pins 2 - 3 (BIOSRecovery position).
    5. Re-install the system top cover and re-attach the AC power cords.
    6. Insert the thumb drive with the firmware version that needs to be loaded.
    7. Power on the system.
    8. The system will automatically boot to the EFI* shell. Update the BIOS using the standard BIOS update instructions provided with the system update package.
    9. After the BIOS update has successfully completed, power off the system. For safety, remove the AC power cords from the system.
    10. Remove the system top cover.
    11. Move the BIOS Recovery jumper back to pins 1-2 (default).
    12. Re-install the system top cover and re-attach the AC power cords.
    13. Power on the system and access the <F2> BIOS Setup utility.
    14. Configure desired BIOS settings.
    15. Hit the <F10> key to save and exit the utility.
  10. Make sure that the downgrade has taken place by entering the BIOS and verifying the BIOS version loaded matches the one that was saved into the thumb drive.
  11. Repeat the same procedure for the next versions R01.01.0022, R01.01.0021, and finally R01.01.0020.



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