How do I Set up the Tri-Mode Controllers for NVMe*/SAS/SATA Modes?


Install & Setup



The Tri-Mode Full featured Intel® RAID Controllers have support for SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)/SATA and NVMe* drives. This support can be set to SAS/SATA only, NVMe only, and SAS/SATA/NVMe. It's possible to change the controller configuration, to optimize its resources according to the mentioned settings. Such configurations are called profiles (also known as operating mode). Each profile has a different support model that affects the maximum number of supported devices.

    You can change the profile from the UEFI HII Configuration Utility using the steps below:

    1. After the Intel® RAID Controller and the drives are installed, restart the server and press F2 to open the UEFI menu. Follow these steps:
      1. Advanced
      2. PCI configuration
      3. UEFI option ROM control
    2. Choose the Intel® RAID Controller by navigating the menu in the following order:
      1. Main Menu
      2. Controller Management
      3. Advanced Controller Management
      4. Manage Controller Profiles
    3. Choose Profile: Select the desired profile.
      List of available profiles and their supported configurations:
      Personality Profile# Profile Name Drive Support Max Physical Drives Max Virtual Drives
      RAID 10 PD64 SAS/SATA 64 64
      RAID 11 NVMe4 NVMe 4 64
      RAID 12 PD240 SAS/SATA 240 240
      RAID 13 PD64_NVMe4 SAS/SATA/NVMe 64 64
      JBOD 20 PD_240 SAS/SATA 240 240
      JBOD 21 PD64_NVMe8 SAS/SATA/NVMe 64 64
      JBOD 23 PD_240 SAS/SATA 240 240
      Note From firmware version 5.080.00-1965 (package 50.8.0-2-66) onwards, only profile options that are compatible with the current personality setting and drive type connected are visible.

      example image
    4. Go to the Set Profile tab, hit Enter, and select OK. Then select Enter. A new window shows that the operation has been performed.
    5. Press F10 and reboot the system for the changes to take effect.


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