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How to Resolve the Intel® Active System Console Connection Issue


Intel® Server Board S2600CP2 Intel® Active System Console  - a walk-up console that provides you with a dashboard view of the system on which it is running.



Troubleshooting steps when 'unable to connect' error is encountered in IASC


When launching the program the web browser cannot reach the page, unable to connect.


1.    Make sure the IASC version is the one supported by the motherboard.

2.    Clear history and cache.

3.    Try with another browser.

4.    Installation issues and environment requirements 

• If you are not able to access the IASC installed in a server from a remote location but you are able to ping the server or connect remotely to the server, then it could be a firewall issue.

Troubleshoot this by disabling the firewall temporarily and try connecting to the IASC URL remotely again.

• If it works by disabling the firewall, then try adding the ports 9393, 9191, and 7777 to the exception list of firewalls to the server. IASC uses ports 9393, 9191, and 7777 which should be excluded from system’s firewall if you have to reach the tool from other systems remotely or from outside of your private network.

5.    User login issues and browser settings

• IASC supports secure transport using SSL/TLS authentication process with self-signed certification. But as the certification is not signed by publicly acknowledged authority, default security settings of web browsers may blocked IASC Login Page from loading and prompt warning messages of “Untrusted Connection” (Firefox) or “Invalid Security Certification” (Internet Explorer)
Method 1: Override the warnings and accept the certificate, proceed to login page. User must ensure the certificate is originated from the application on a trusted secure network.
Method 2: Add your own certificate, please refer to User Guide for further instructions. • When user logged into IASC webpage https://system_IP:9393/asc/ for the first time, IASC may appear unresponsive for a few minutes as it is updating its system health data inquiries with the latest information.

• When using Internet Explorer to launch IASC, users may clicked button with no response, or not able to launch pop-up active windows upon clicking button.

To resolve this, user must edit setting of Internet Explorer:

Step 1: Go to Menu -> Tools -> Options -> Security -> Select Internet Zone -> Custom Level -> Scripting
Step 2: Under Scripting, enable all Active Scripting and Scripting options.
Step 3: Save the new setting, then restart Internet Explorer and load IASC page.

• User may not able to save the reports generated by Report feature of IASC in Internet Explorer* due to browser setting.

Step 1: Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Security, and uncheck the ‘Do not save encrypted pages to disk’.
Step 2: Retry generating the reports and save.

6.    Reboot the system for changes to take effect.

Additional information

For more information go to the Intel® Active System Console User Guide for Supported Intel® Server Boards or Intel® Server Systems in section 6.0 Troubleshooting Guidelines.

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