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How to Check if Intel® Quick Sync Video Feature is Enabled or Not in Intel® Processors?


How to find all processors enabled with Intel® Quick Sync Video and troubleshooting steps if it is disabled or not working.


Intel® Quick Sync Video is disabled with Edius version 7.53.10


Intel® Quick Sync Video delivers fast conversion of video for portable media players, online sharing, and video editing and authoring. Intel Quick Sync video can only be utilized if the intel integrated graphics is enabled.

Follow these steps to check if the processor supports Quick Sync Video:

  • Check this page for all processors with Intel® Quick Sync Video enabled, or
  • Go to the product specifications site and choose the processor family then drill down the exact processor(s) you'd like to check.
    • Look under Processor Graphics section to see if enabled with Intel® Quick Sync Video.
    • If the Intel® Quick Sync Video is set to No – The processor does not support the feature.
    • If the Intel® Quick Sync Video is set to Yes – The processor supports Quick Sync.

If Intel® Quick Sync Video is set to Yes and still it’s showing disabled or is not working, follow the below steps:

  1. The BIOS needs to be the latest for the motherboard.
  2. The Windows build should be updated to the latest.
  3. Update the graphic drivers to the latest based on the processor model.
  4. Install a compatible software that uses the Quick Sync feature to get the feature working for the processor from the listed below section for Quick Sync Video Enabled Application.

See: Intel Quick Sync


Additional information

Any Intel Processor that supports Intel® Quick Sync Video feature for processor graphics
Any Windows operating system that supports the application listed on Intel Quick Sync Link

Example System Configuration:-
Operating System: Windows - 10 ( 64 -bit )
Processor: Model No - i7 6700k

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