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Where to find the carrier clip for the Intel® Server Board S2600ST?


Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors


Order spare parts for the Intel® Server Board S2600ST Product Family


The processor clip is not included with the board.


Based on the Intel Server Configuration Guide for:

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) Carrier Clip AXXSTCPUCAR is required for processor installation.

It is included in the Tower Passive Heat-sink Kit AXXSTPHMKIT

For non-Intel chassis (Heat Sink for 1U/2U chassis: 2U Hybrid Heat Sink AXXSTPHMKIT2U / 1U Passive Heat Sink AXXSTPHMKIT1U) it needs to be ordered separately. CPU Carrier Clip AXXSTCPUCAR



To find spare parts, replacement product numbers, and ordering codes, look into the following section of the Server Configuration Guide:

  • Intel® Server Board S2600ST Family, section 6. Spare and Replacement Parts (FRUs), Table 35: "Processor Carrier Clip" Part number (iPC) AXXSTCPUCAR.
  • Intel® Server Board S2600WF Family, section 6. 1U/2U Miscellaneous Accessory Options, table 77 "Fabric Processor Clip" Part number (iPC) FXXCPUCLIPF (necessary to attach a fabric supported Intel® Scalable processor to the CPU heat sink)
  • Intel® Server Board S2600BP Family, section 5. Spare and Replacement Parts (FRUs), table 44: "Processor Clip" Part number (iPC) FXXCPUCLIP.

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