TA-1132: Intel® Server Board S2600BP–Based System May Not Power After AC Power Cycle When Used with Intel® Server Chassis H2204XXLRE or H2312XXLR3





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  • Updated root cause and where to get firmware that resolves the issue

Intel discovered an issue in which some Intel® S2600BP Board/Compute Modules might not power on after an AC power cycle when used with Intel® Server Chassis H2204XXLRE/H2312XXLR3. Based on circuit analysis and validation data, Intel doesn't believe there are risks of runtime failures.

The issue may be identified after an AC power cycle and if the system meets the following conditions:

  • The system is using Hot-Swap Backplane FHW04X35HSBP/FHW12X35HS12G, installed in Intel Server Chassis H2204XXLRE or Intel Server Chassis H2312XXLR3.
  • The chassis Power Supplies LEDs are blinking green.
  • The server Front Panel LEDs and the BMC Dedicated LAN port (green LAN connector in the backside of the node) aren't blinking.
  • The system doesn't power on.

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Date: May 2018

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Customers of products listed in the affected products table should contact their Intel sales representative who can provide a list of affected serial numbers. Intel can provide you with a software tool to help determine whether your systems are impacted. If you have affected systems, contact your Intel Customer Support representative. Intel will support Advanced Warranty Replacement of field replaceable units (FRU) of the affected compute modules for customers that request it. When contacting the Intel Customer Support representative, mention this Technical Advisory.

Instructions for the replacement of Intel® Compute Module HNS2600BP impacted by TA-1132 HNS2600BP replacement guide for TA-1132 (PDF) PDF icon 
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