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What's the Intel® WiGig Wireless VR solution?The Virtual Reality (VR) tethered system is composed of a VR headset or head-mounted display (HMD) that is cable-connected to a PC or laptop. The system is composed of:
  • A VR-Ready PC
  • A VR headset (Head Mounted Display)
The Intel® WiGig Wireless VR solution allows wireless tethering of the VR system. The following components should be available in the system to allow WiGig connection:
  • WGA - WiGig Gaming add-on PCIe card - this is the WiGig solution for the VR PC platform side.
  • HMDA - WiGig adapter attached to a Head Mounted Display (HMD) and communicating with the WGA over WiGig.
All VR traffic is communicated over a WiGig link and enables removal of the cable.
How do I know if my PC can support Intel® Wireless Gigabit 11100 VR?Intel WiGig WGA is an add-on inserted on a PCIe slot. In order to provide good VR quality the PC must comply to a minimum spec. Check with your WiGig HMD manufacturer for the recommended and minimum required computer specs.
What's the maximum room size for a good wireless VR experience?The Intel® WiGig WGA can connect wirelessly to a HMDA within a room of size 7 x 7m (when WGA is at the edge of the room). Longer distances aren't recommended as the wireless connection might be too weak
Which HMDs include HMDA supporting Intel WiGig wireless VR?Currently the following HMD includes the Intel® WiGig:
  • HTC Vive
  • HTC Vive Pro
How does the PC connect to the HMD?Wireless VR uses a technology known as Intel® WiGig and follows the IEEE 802.11ad standard. It works in the 60-GHz radio frequency band that supports up to 7 Gbps at very short distances. The WGA on the PC side is communicating over WiGig with the HMDA on the HMD side.
How do I get the latest version of the Software package for the Intel® WiGig VR?You can get the latest software package from your HMDA manufacturer.
How do I update the HMDA firmware?You must connect to the HMDA in order to update the firmware. The HMDA firmware will be updated automatically to the WGA version after connection. 
Do I need to connect actively every time I use my HMDA?No, after first pairing. WGA will automatically connect to the HMDA for subsequent connections when you open the WiGig connection utility.
What happens when I move out of range of the computer? As you walk away from the computer, your computer will eventually disconnect from the HMDA.
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