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System BMC Web Console Shows Memory Voltage with no Sensors Reading and on Critical (red Indication) Status




Steps to correct memory configuration and prevent error readings on Intel® Server Board S2600CP2J


On BMC Web Console, the memory voltage shows no sensors reading and on critical (red indication) status.


The following are recommended steps:

  1. Ensure that the memory modules are compatible with the server board and follow its memory population rules.
  2. Check the memory modules if they are properly seated. If possible, turn off the server system, remove the AC power, and re-seat the modules.
  3. Log in to BMC Web Console and check back for any changes on the voltage sensor readings.
  4. If no changes, pull the sysinfo log from the board. You may check the resources and instructions at System Information Retrieval Utility (SysInfo) for Intel® Server Boards and Systems based on Intel® 62X Chipset and contact Support for further assistance.
Additional information
  1. These are baseboard voltage sensors that monitor the memories. A full description of them goes as follows:

    Baseboard +1.35V P1 Low
    Voltage Memory AB
    (BB +1.35 P1LV AB)

    Baseboard +1.35V P2 Low
    Voltage Memory AB
    (BB +1.35 P2LV AB)

  2. They trigger when the voltage goes down to 1h, which is not always a sign of failure as the memories are made to change the voltage consumption according to their need at any certain moment.
  3. The fact that all the values show as All deasserted means that at least at the very moment the situation does not represent an overall failure or a critical performance issue.
  4. The health value is unknown because as the moment of the reading there is no actual reading.

In short, this could be something temporary related to:

  • Low voltage on the specified memories
  • The memories not being properly seated in their sockets
  • Or  least likely but still possible physical damage to the sensor, memories, or sockets