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How to delete recovery volumes created by Intel® Rapid Storage Technology?




Instructions to delete RAID volumes using Intel® RST User Interface Utility or ROM User Interface


Intel® RST created a recovery disk out of a new driver installed on the computer.


RAID volumes can be deleted in two different ways. Before attempting these steps, please back up your data.

A. Using the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology User Interface Utility

1.Run the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology UI from the following Start menu link: 

Start -> All Programs -> Intel® Rapid Storage Technology -> Intel® Rapid Storage Technology UI 

2.Under ‘Status’ or ‘Manage’, click on the volume you want to delete. You will be presented with the volume properties on the left. 
3.Click on ‘Delete volume’ 
4.Review the warning message and click ‘Yes’ to delete the volume. 
5.The ‘Status’ page refreshes and displays the resulting available space in the storage system view.

B. Using the Option ROM User Interface

1.During POST, use CTRL-I to enter the RST BIOS Extension.
2.Mark the drive as "Non-RAID".
3.Reboot your system.

Note: This key combination may have been disabled by your computer manufacturer. If you are unable to enter the RAID BIOS extension, please contact your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for instructions.

As a suggestion, if the computer has been placed as recovery, the Intel® Rapid Storage does not have a way to undo these changes. If setting drives as "Non-RAID" does not solve the issue, you may need to set the computer back to factory settings.

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