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Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) doesn't store AMT passwords in the Database when using Database Mode.


Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT)



Intel® AMT password is randomized. Intel® Setup and Configuration Software application running database mode should store AMT password in DB.


AMT password is randomized. Our understanding is that if the Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) application is running database mode, it should store the AMT password in DB. While we're testing, we noticed it is retrieving the password from PC rather that from database. If the PC is offline, it's not able to retrieve the AMT password.


Regarding the Random Passwords according to Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) User Guide< at page 20. Intel SCS generates a different(random) password for each device.

What occurs next depends on the mode that was selected when installing the RCS:

  • Database Mode – The passwords are saved in the SQL database. You can also use the Console to view the password (see Getting the Admin Password on page 185).


  • Non-Database Mode – The passwords are not saved. Because the password is not known to you or any application, after configuration you will not be able to connect to the device using the default admin user. Thus, you can only select the random passwords option if the profile contains a Kerberos admin user. For more information, see User-Defined Admin User (Kerberos) on the next page(21).


Additionally, The RCS calculates a different (unique) password for each device using a secret key (known as the “Digest Master Password”) and system-specific data from each device. The RCS does not need to save these admin passwords because they can be recalculated when necessary. After configuration, applications that need to use the default admin user must recalculate the password themselves or ask the RCS to calculate it for them. Before you can use the Digest Master Password method you need to: 1. Install the RCS (see Setting up the RCS on page 35). 2. Define the Digest Master Password (see Defining the RCS Settings on page 78). This one is a known issue with SCS, so the behavior is correct.


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