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Encountered error message "update not available" when update to 6.01 in X710


This article provided information about firmware update issue encountered for OEM version of X710.


Encountered error message "Update not available" when update firmware to 6.01 in X710.


Contact the OEM* NIC vendor (depends on the OEM vendor such as Dell, Cisco or others.

Computer Manufacturer Support Websites

Additional information

Updating the firmware of X710 network cards encountered error message such as the output below (depending on the OEM version some of this output may vary):

Num Description                               Ver. DevID S:B    Status

=== ======================================== ===== ===== ====== ===============

01) Intel(R) Ethernet 10G 4P X710 SFP+ rNDC   6.00  1572 00:001 Update not available

02) Intel(R) Gigabit 4P I350-t Adapter       1.103  1521 00:129 Update not available

2) 9 hosts with ESXi 6.5U1 7388607

3) device ID output

root@vmware4:~] vmkchdev -L 0000:01:00.0

0000:01:00.0 8086:1572 1028:1f9c vmkernel vmnic0


root@vmware4:~] vmkchdev -L 0000:01:00.1

0000:01:00.1 8086:1572 1028:0000 vmkernel vmnic1

2. Identify the OEM version based on MAC, device and vendor ID or the explicit OEM vendor name appeared in the log

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