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Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) on Windows® 10 Is Crashing


Windows® 10 family


Troubleshooting steps for error message: Intel® Rapid Storage Technology service is not running.


Message pops up : "...service is not running", Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST)


There are two possible solutions for this issue:

Solution One – Reset the Startup Intel® RST Service

  1. On the keyboard, press the Windows + R keys together to open a Run box. Then, type services.msc in the box and press Enter.
  2. In the new window, find and right-click Intel® Rapid Storage Technology. Choose Properties.
  3. Choose the General tab. Then, set the Startup type to be Automatic and click OK to save the setting.

Solution Two – Update the Intel® RST driver

Part 1: Uninstalling the current Intel® RST driver

  1. Press Windows + X keys.
  2. Select Device Manager.
  3. Find and expand the Disk drives catalog.
  4. Right-click Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and choose Uninstall device.


If you receive an error when trying to uninstall, check that all the Intel® RST services are stopped before trying again. The IAStorUI.exe, IAStorIcon.exe, IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe, iaStorA.sys, relate to the Intel® RST monitor service.


Part 2: Installing new Intel® RST driver


If you are using an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) system, such as a laptop or prebuilt PC, download the latest RST driver for the system from the Original Equipment Manufacturer website.
System manufacturers regularly customize Intel generic drivers to meet the needs of their specific system design, so use of the Intel generic driver update is not recommended.

  1. Go to the Intel Download Center and download the latest Intel® RST version.
  2. On the following open page, find and click SetupRST.exe.
  3. When it completes downloading, double-click the .exe file to install the driver.

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