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Video Output from Laptop is not Scaled Properly on an External Display


1.6 GHz Intel Core i5-4200U (2.6 GHz Turbo) Intel® HD Graphics 4400 - version not known Windows 8.1* (64-bit)

Windows 8.1 family*


This article describes the best methods to properly scale the computer video output to an external Display


Video output from laptop is not scaling properly (for example, image too big) and thus doesn't show with the correct size on an external display.

  1. Insall the latest graphics driver.
  2. Right-Click on the computer Desktop
  3. Click on Intel® Graphics Settings.
  4. Click on 'Display'.
  5. Select your external display from the drop-down menu under 'Select Display'.
  6. In the 'Scaling' section select 'Customize Aspect Ratio' (then the sliding scale appears and you can adjust screen sizing). Check this article if this option is not available on your system.

Newer monitors and TVs often have have their own image scaling mechanism. Consult with your Monitor/TV user manual for the proper image scale option when connecting to a computer.

Additional information

It could be due to:

  • Video output characteristics (e.g. resolution and refresh rate) not matching the specifications from the external Display.
  • The external Display has its own scaling mechanism that conflicts with the graphics driver's scaler. 

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