Configure the Hard Drives in the Intel® Server Chassis H2312XXLR3 and Intel® Compute Module HNS2600BP for OS Installation


Install & Setup



The hard drives in the front drive bay of the Intel Server Chassis H2312XXLR3 are accessible through the bridge board AHWBP12GBGB with the configuration of the:

  • Intel® Compute Module HNS2600BP
  • Intel® Server Chassis H2312XXLR3
  • Bridge board AHWBP12GBGB

How do I configure the hard drive?

Follow the steps below to configure the hard drive for operating system installation:

  1. Make sure the two CPUs are installed properly to enable the 12G SAS bridge board.
  2. Enter BIOS setup. Go to Boot Maintenance Manager -> Advanced Boot Options, set Boot Model as UEFI, and set Video BIOS as UEFI.
  3. Go to Advanced -> PCI Configuration -> UEFI Option ROM Control -> Intel® Integrated RAID RS3LC Configuration Utility – xxxx. Press Enter to initiate the configuration utility.
  4. Create the RAID volume with the steps of the Integrated RAID M BIOS Configuration Utility for 12 Gb/s Intel® RAID in the RAID configuration software user guide.
  5. Start Windows* Server 2016 installation. Load the RAID driver to use the RAID volume created in step 4.
  6. Continue Windows installation.
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