Article ID: 000026527 Content Type: Troubleshooting Last Reviewed: 08/10/2022

What to Do When Disk I/O Errors Occur on Intel® Solid State Drive (Intel® SSD) and Intel® Optane™ Memory


Steps to find the cause of the I/O (input/output) errors and how to fix the fault


Disk errors started showing up in Windows* Event Viewer.

Error messages encountered:

  • The IO operation at the Logical block address for disk 0 was retired Disk corruption on drive 0.
  • An error was detected reading data from the selected Intel® SSD. Contact your reseller or local Intel representative for assistance.

Disk errors might be an indication of a faulty drive. Follow these steps to check the self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (SMART) information of the drive to fix the disk errors:

  1. Download and install the Intel® Memory and Storage Tool (GUI or CLI). 
  2. Review the SMART information for any errors (Tool User Guides available on the download page for more information).
  3. Update firmware if available.
  4. If the steps above do not resolve the issue, perform a secure erase. This feature is only supported on NVMe drives, see the Intel MAS User Guide for complete information. For additional ways to perform a low-level format
  5. Contact Intel Customer Support if the issue persists. Provide the SMART log for further analysis.