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ENERGY STAR® Certified Products Save Money.

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Your Intel® NUC has been configured by default to use less energy, which means you'll save money and help protect the environment just by purchasing this product.

The default power management settings on this system have been selected for compliance with ENERGY STAR®. Furthermore, the ENERGY STAR® program recommends these settings for optimal energy savings. Go to the ENERGY STAR® website for more information about ENERGY STAR® and to find out how ENERGY STAR® products are better for the environment and save you money.

Note To view the current power management settings in Windows* 10/11, click the Start Button. Type  Power Management, then Press <Enter>.


Default Settings on a New Computer

System, as received, has the recommended settings (below) applied.

BIOS Settings (Enter BIOS Setup by pressing F2 during startup. If you're using this system at home, it's unlikely you'll need to alter these settings).

  • CPU Fan Detection and Speed ― set to automatic.
  • After Power Failure ― computer system stays off, press the power button to restart.
  • S3 State Indicator ― power light on the front of the system will blink on/off. (This is sleep mode.)
  • Wake-on-LAN S4/S5 ― system will power up to a normal boot. (This is for IT departments.)

Operating System Settings (Windows® 10)

  • Display Sleep Mode ― 10 minutes (your monitor will go blank)
  • Hard Disk Turn Off Mode ― 20 minutes
  • System Sleep Mode ― hybrid sleep within 30 minutes of user inactivity

Operating System Settings (Windows® 11)

  • Turn off the display ― 5 minutes (your monitor will go blank)
  • Put the computer to sleep ― within 5 minutes of user inactivity

To Wake Your Computer

  • To wake your computer up from display sleep or HDD power off: move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard.
  • To wake your computer up from system sleep mode: press the blinking power button momentarily and then let go. Allow the system 30 seconds to wake up.
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