Enabling Three Independent Displays with Intel® Graphics Controllers


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It's possible to enable three simultaneous displays on graphics for 3rd Generation Intel® Processors and newer. Refer to the following links for instructions depending on the desired multi-monitor setup:

If you're unsure about which Intel® Graphics Controller your system has, you can identify your Intel® Graphics Controller.

Note Using video adapters/converters may cause improper detection of one or more display(s) connected to your computer.

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Configuring three simultaneous displays on 2nd Generation Intel® Processors and older
  1. From the Windows desktop, press the Ctrl, Alt, and F12 keys simultaneously to open the Control Panel for Intel® Graphics.
  2. After opening the Control Panel, navigate to the display settings. If prompted to select the application mode, select Advanced Mode, and then click OK.

    select Advanced Mode

  3. To select multiple displays, select Multiple Displays.

    select Multiple Displays

  4. Set your Display Mode or Operating Mode to Clone or Extended Desktop.
  5. Select your Active Displays by selecting the primary, secondary, and tertiary displays.
    Note You must have three monitors connected to see all three drop-down menus.
  6. If you enable Extended Desktop, you can arrange the displays using the Positioning window. Use your mouse to move the displays in a different arrangement:

    Positioning window

  7. Click Apply to save changes.
  8. Click OK to close the Control Panel.

    Click OK


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