TA-1127: Fail to Boot or Install Certain Linux* Distributions Due to an Issue Discovered in the OS Embedded Intel® Quick Assist Technology Driver





TA-1127: Fail to boot or install certain Linux* distributions due to an issue discovered in the OS embedded Intel® Quick Assist Technology Driver (PDF) PDF icon

Intel discovered an issue in which the host fails to boot or install certain Linux* distributions. The failure might display as a message while loading the operating system. See the PDF above for the message.

We confirmed that the failure does not impact system performance. The failure only impacts the boot or installation process of certain Linux* distributions. The in-kernel embedded Intel® QAT driver encounters an unhandled error state, when the operating system boots up or loads the installer. This error stalls the process.

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Date: August 2017

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Intel released an updated driver version v1.0.3.x that corrects the issue. We developed a set of Installation Guides. These guides include step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot and load the updated Intel® QAT driver v1.0.3.x. Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* includes the fix in RHEL* v7.4. SUSE* Linux* Enterprise Server includes the fix in SLES* v12 SP3.

Affected Products

Product Code MM#
S2600WFQ 952645
S2600BPQ 948900
S2600STQ 957318


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