Auto Rebuild with the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise





What am I seeing?
The Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (Intel® RSTe) array is degraded.

What environment does this issue affect?
All Intel® Server Systems based on Intel® RSTe

How to fix it
When an array that was created through the Intel® RSTe gets degraded, the only way to rebuild it is using the Intel® RSTe application for Windows* operating systems (OS).

Note If you want to know how to install the Intel® RSTe application, refer to the How to Monitor Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (Intel® RSTe) Volumes from Windows* Operating Systems page.


  1. Opening the Graphical User Interface (GUI) shows you that the array is degraded.
  2. Position the cursor over the defective drive to see in which port it is connected, and then replace it with a good one.

    Step two
  3. The rebuild starts automatically afterward.

    Step three

For more information, refer to the Auto Rebuild section (section 2.5.24) in Software User Guide for Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise (Intel® RSTe) for Windows.