Power Supply (PS), Predictive Failures Detected on both System Event and System Information Retrieval Utility Logs





What events am I seeing?

The System Information Retrieval Utility (SysInfo) detects1 the scenario by the following events:

Warning event: PS2 Status reports a predictive failure due to under-voltage that has been detected. This state may result in power supply failure.
Warning event: PS1 Status reports a predictive failure due to under-voltage that has been detected. This state may result in power supply failure.
Warning event: PS2 Status reports the power supply's input (AC/DC) has been lost.
CRITICAL event: Pwr Unit Status reports that the power unit has suffered a failure (power supply failure).

1 The Intel® Active System Console can also report these events.

PS is the same as PSU (Power Supply Unit)

How to fix it:

In most cases, the event points to the Alternating Current (AC) power (electrical outlet power) spiking under the minimum warning and fault thresholds for over 20 milliseconds while the system is powered on. Therefore, check the power source.

Other steps to consider if necessary:

  • Make sure that the firmware is updated to the latest version.
  • Check for foreign objects inside the chassis such as screws that could grind the board.
  • Reset the power supplies.
  • Correctly attach the Intel® Server Board to the chassis base with the spacers/stand-offs. Refer to the board service guide if in doubt and make sure not to tighten the screws too much.
  • Check that the cables connecting the chassis front panel to the Intel® Server Board are plugged in properly to the front panel header.
  • Make sure the drive ribbon cables inside the computer are attached correctly and securely.
  • Check for maintenance and/or power-out changes that have been performed in this system
  • If the server is using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), see to it that it is compliant. Access Frequently Asked Questions About UPS Support for more details.
  • If the situation persists, proceed to swap and re-seat both, PSU1 and PSU2, and monitor the system for 24 hours; afterward, gather a set of Debug and SEL logs [within the Server Health->Event Log->Save Event Log section of the Intel(R) Integrated BMC Web Console, if previously set up; otherwise, provide a sysinfo log] and contact Support. for further diagnosis.
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