Where to Buy Spare Accessories for Intel® NUC, Intel® NUC Elements and Intel® NUC Laptop Kit


Product Codes & Spare Parts



Intel® NUC kits include a variety of accessories in the box, such as power adapters and VESA mount brackets. Many online retail sites offer new or used parts (or comparable parts) for purchase.

Online retailer Shipping regions Parts offered
Amazon Worldwide Power adapters, VESA mounts
Ebay Worldwide Power adapters, VESA mounts
Flipkart India Power adapters and cords
GORITE Worldwide Cosmetic and functional lids, cables 
Rakuten Japan Power adapters and cords, cables
Simply NUC
Simply NUC UK
Worldwide Power adapters and cords, VESA mounts, cables, cosmetic and functional lids


See topics below for specifications and other information about NUC accessories.

Accessory item Description / Information
Power adapters See Power Adapter and Power Cord Specifications for the types of power adapters used with Intel NUC products.
VESA mount brackets See VESA Mount Information
Replaceable chassis lids See Replaceable Covers Information
CMOS batteries See CMOS Battery on the Intel® NUC
Screws/standoffs Contact Intel Customer Support