What do I do when I Receive Alerts about Patrol Read aborted Events?


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What am I seeing?

Intel® RAID Web Console 2 Utility alerts you with Patrol Read aborted on PD messages.

Intel® RAID Web Console 2

Why am I seeing it?

Patrol read gets aborted when the consistency check process starts for some Intel® RAID Controllers (RS25, RMS25 family) with older firmware as the patrol read and consistency check cannot be performed at the same time.

What's the environment where this warning takes place?

Following second generation Intel RAID Controllers with firmware version 3.450.65-4267 (Package 23.33.0-0022) or earlier:

  • Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS25CB080(N), RMS25CB040, RMS25PB080(N), RMS25PB040, RMT3CB080, RMT3PB080
  • Intel® RAID Controller RS25AB080, RS25DB080, RS25NB008, RS25SB008

How to fix it.

There are two ways to avoid this:

  • Follow below steps to schedule periodic patrol read and consistency check to start at a different day or time so that one process doesn't start in the middle of one another.
    1. Select the Logical tab of Intel® RAID Web Console 2.
    2. Right-click the desired Intel RAID Controller.
    3. Select Set Patrol Read Properties or Schedule Consistency Check to change the schedule these processes will run.
      menu example
  • Update controller firmware to version 3.460.75-6373 (Package 23.24.0-0015) or later, which will restart patrol read automatically when interrupted by consistency check.


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