How to Properly Populate Memory Modules on the Single-Socket Intel® Server Board S1200SP Family


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When using one or two memory modules, populate the farthest slot in the channel. On the Intel® Server Board S1200SP, the farthest slot in the channels are A2 and B2 with blue connectors (For more information, refer to the Memory Population Rules section of the Technical Product Specification).

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Note Notice that the Intel® Server Board S1200SP doesn't support Registered memory, only Unbuffered. This support is indicated on the Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) and Memory Subsystem section of the previously mentioned document.
The Intel® Server Board S1200SP Family supports some of the Intel® Xeon® Processor v5 and Intel® Xeon® Processor v6 Processor Family models (Review details). However, when it comes to memory speed support, processor-wise, the v6 can take up to 2400 MHz whereas the v5 only up to 2133 MHz.