FAQs for Intel® Network Adapters and Controllers


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Where do I find information on mean time between failures (MTBF)?

For more information on MTBF, apply to the Resource and Design Center. You can make requests for confidential information.

Where do I find information on EC Declaration of Conformity?

We don't publish EC Declaration of Conformity information on the Support website. Contact us for assistance.

Where can I find generic drivers for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) controllers\adapters?

Your computer manufacturer might have customized drivers and software to enable or alter features, or provide improved operation on your computer. Contact the manufacturer for the latest updates and technical support information.

See computer manufacturer support websites for support and downloads.

If you would still like to use these packages, see web packs available for Intel® Ethernet Adapters.

Where can I find specifications for Intel® Adapters and Controllers?

Visit the product specification site. For any specifications not listed, contact us.

Where can I find HBA/NIC tools such as lanconf and eeupdate for Windows*, Linux*, Solaris* or EFI*?

Visit the Resource and Design Center. Request adapter information by leaving posts in the support forum.