Intel Network Interface Controllers (NICs) Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), Registration, and Warranty Instructions


Warranty & RMA



Do I need to register my Intel Network Interface Controller (NIC)?

You do not need to register your Intel Network Interface Controllers (NICs).

If you want to review your warranty, see Intel® Network Connectivity Products Warranty Information.

Click to expand the sections in the order they are presented and learn how to apply for warranty.

How do I submit a warranty request?
  1. Go to Warranty Center.
  2. Click Other Intel® Products.
  3. Enter the Serial Number and SA# in the Stocking ID/Part# field.
  4. Click Search. If your product is covered under warranty, the request button is displayed.
  5. Click Request warranty support to start the process.
What information do I need to provide for a warranty-related issue?

To begin, gather the basic information about your Intel NIC. This information is printed on the label of the NIC. See label examples to learn where to find the MAC and PWA codes

  • MAC
  • PWA

Other helpful information:

  • NIC model
  • Proof-of-purchase
  • Description of the symptoms or problem
  • Troubleshooting steps you have taken

Label examples:

Look at the label on Intel NIC. The label includes the MAC and the PWA (sometimes called PBA) codes, which are key elements when placing an RMA (Return Material Authorization). Here are some visual examples:

MAC: First twelve digits
Manufacturing information: Six digits, located after the MAC
PWA: Six digits followed by a hyphen and three digits, the last sequence in the bar code

Barcode 000E0C070376-473SC-741462-010 label example

Intel Pro 1000 GT PCI NIC - Label example

Intel D33025 Network Interface Card - Label example

How do I get a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number?

When you submit your request, an Intel customer service agent works with you to see if your NIC is eligible for an RMA replacement. For eligible NICs, the agent creates an RMA request for you and includes the RMA number in a system-generated email message. This email also has the shipping instructions for returning your drive.

Note Read the shipping instructions thoroughly. The instructions cover how and where to ship the Intel NIC, and the following reminders:
  • Remove any brackets, cables, and accessories from the network interface controller before shipping, as these items cannot be returned to you.


Common errors to avoid when recording your Intel® product markings

Serial numbers include both numbers and uppercase letters. It can be easy to misread the following numbers and letters.

0 O Numeral 0 (zero) and uppercase letter O
1 I Numeral 1 and uppercase letter I (eye)
8 B Numeral 8 and uppercase letter B
6 5 Numeral 6 and numeral 5
2 Z Numeral 2 and uppercase letter Z
V U Upper-case letter V and uppercase letter U
I l Upper-case letter I (eye) and lowercase letter l (el)1

1 Lowercase letters are never used in serial numbers. Only numbers and uppercase letters are used.


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