Read Serial Number for Intel® Boxed Processors Using Third-Party Applications


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The full serial number (ATPO) helps accurately identify your Intel® Boxed Processor, tray processor, or processor warranty period. The 2D Matrix contains the serial number for the processor that is readable by a third-party tool and some smartphone cameras. It's located on the outside edge of the processor.

Starting Q1 of year 2022, 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors and later Desktop Processor generations will feature a second 2D Matrix and the new Intel trademark (new Intel trademark) on the top of the processor. The second 2D Matrix will have the same full serial number (ATPO) as the first 2D Matrix that is located on the outside edge of the processor.

See the instructions below on how to read the full serial number (ATPO) using third-party tools and devices.

ATPO serial number

Note Third-party applications and devices aren't under the control of Intel. Intel isn't responsible for any content of third-party applications or devices. Intel doesn't endorse companies or products stated and reserves the right to note as such on its webpages. If you use third-party applications and devices, you do so at your own risk.

Two Options to Read the Serial Number (the 2D Matrix):

Option One: Use a scanner that reads 10 mil data matrix codes such as the Honeywell Xenon* 1900G & 1902G general duty scanners

Option Two: You will need the below:

  1. A smartphone or tablet with 10 M pixels camera.
  2. An application like TecIdentify* available in the Apple Store or NeoReader* in Google Play Store

To read the full Serial Number, follow the steps below:

  1. Install NeoReader* or TecIdentify*.

    Install NeoReader or Install TecIdentify

  2. Scan the 2D Matrix.

    2D Matrix

  3. Read the result. The full ATPO will be displayed by the application.


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