RAID Configuration Cannot Be Saved Using GPT Installation under the uEFI Environment





What is the issue?
You can't save the RAID configuration using GPT installation under the uEFI environment.

Can you give me more information about the RAID 10 array issue?
You tried the recommendations provided on TA-1085: 4Kn Advanced Format effect on Intel® RAID Modules, Intel® RAID Controllers, and Intel® Server Boards. However, after you created a RAID 10 array and pressed F10 to save under the uEFI environment, the RAID configuration wasn't saved.


  • Intel R2208WT2YSR with latest FW R01.01.0015
  • Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2630v3
  • 16-GB Module DDR4 2133MHz
  • Intel RS3WC080 with PBA H10244-153 and with the latest FW v24.10.0-0020 (unvalidated on the R2208WT2YSR system)
  • 4 x Seagate ST1200MM0118 1.2TB 2.5in 12Gbps 10K RPM
  • 1 x Intel AXXCBL950HDHD Cable

Try the following to resolve the issue

  1. Follow the steps in GPT installation under the uEFI environment and confirm the created RAID configuration was saved by pressing F10 (Step No.10). Refer to this white paper on the GUID Partition Table for more information
  2. To further test the Intel® RAID Controller, create the RAID 10 in CTRL+R (outside uEFI). The RAID configuration will be properly saved.